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10 Christmas Traditions You’ll Be Adopting This Year

I recently wrote a post about our little ornament tradition, and that had me heading to Pinterest to check out some other family Christmas traditions people are partaking in. Let me tell you, I found a lot of adorable things that I absolutely loved, and I have collected 10 of my favorites here for you to check out as well! It must be the whole holiday giving spirit thing 😉


Get into the holiday spirit with these awesome activities!

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24 nights of Christmas stories: Wrap 24 books with stories about Christmas and put them under the tree. Each night, open a new book which you read as a family before bed. This idea came from Simply Sara, and it is right up my alley because we love to read in this house! Sara said she gets some of the books from the local library. What a smart idea for a new family tradition that won’t break the bank.


The Christmas Finish Line: Brenda from Brenda and the Boys has a fun idea that your kids are sure to love. She put crepe paper streamers on her boys’ doorways so they got to bust through it on the way to the tree Christmas morning. I think I might do it on my own door too. 🙂



Get into the holiday spirit with these awesome activities!
Photo used with permission. All rights belong to Thyme is Honey


Washi Tree: It is always tough to find a way to display all of those pretty holiday cards!  Thyme is Honey has solved the dilemma with an awesome washi tape tree display. The instructions make set up sound like a breeze…now to find a wall big enough.


Calendar gift: This is something that my husband and I do for our parents as one of their Christmas gifts, and to be honest it is probably the favorite gift we give all year! We do ours in a sort of documentary-style of our year adding vacation pics, school pics, and just silly random selfies. We use Shutterfly because it is so easy to put together with their templates!


Photo used with permission. All rights belong to Little Hiccups


Santa’s Footprints: Sally of Little Hiccups has created a fun extra touch to get your little ones really excited for Christmas morning, leaving Santa’s footprints around the house! If you don’t like the idea of using glitter (hello mess!) you could try flour, powdered sugar, or fake snow!


House Party: Have a gingerbread house making party!  Eat This Up has created a step-by-step plan so yours is sure to go off without a hitch! Even if you don’t invite anyone but your own immediate family, think of how much fun you will have making silly gingerbread houses together! If houses seem too ambitious, you could always stick to a gingerbread man making party instead!



Kooky Christmas pajamas: Everyone gets a set of silly pajamas to wear on Christmas eve to make your Christmas day photos really epic! Bonus points if you can find onesies for everyone. 😉


Reverse Advent: I love this idea from Mum in the Mad House! She created a reverse advent calendar which is such an awesome way to celebrate the season. Each day you add an item to the basket, and when it is full, you donate to a local shelter, food pantry, or family in need. Everyone should adopt this tradition this year! (Check out her post for several other awesome holiday traditions as well!)



Photo used with permission. All rights belong to The Girl Creative.


Game Night: Have a Christmas game night! Crank your favorite carols, mix up some hot chocolate and have some family game night fun with these printable bingo cards from The Girl Creative.


Christmas Campout: Make a comfy blanket fort and everyone pile in with snacks to watch your favorite Christmas films! The Dating Divas is bringing some serious fort inspiration.


What do you think? Did you find your new favorite holiday tradition on the list? I would love to hear more about the ways you celebrate with your family!


Which Christmas traditions will you be celebrating this year?

17 thoughts on “10 Christmas Traditions You’ll Be Adopting This Year

  1. This is a fabulous round up! We do a few of these things and it makes the season so much fun. I love the idea of the reverse advent. What a great way to focus on giving instead of receiving.

    1. I really really liked that idea. It is such a great way to remind your family to give and be grateful for what they have.

  2. The washi tree is a really fun idea! I also like Christmas movie nights with family, but my little one is too young for that just now! I think I’ll see about making that a fun Christmas themed date night with Hubs!

      1. I just starting following you on Twitter as “Use Your Thinkball”. I thought you could put Twitter accounts on hold, but nooooooo. I have to start all over with a new name. I created a game for sale on Amazon and this is the name. So hard to start over 🙁

    1. I find it very interesting to learn what other people’s traditions include! Feel free to share a few of yours 🙂

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