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Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.

Grinia and I became acquainted in a blogger Facebook group.  Her blog covers the challenges of motherhood and is full of positive and uplifting stories.  I am very happy she decided to share with us today.

What is your niche?

I don’t have a specific niche. I believe a lot of my readers are parents, but I’d say it is very diverse as I write about a variety of topics.

What platform/hosting do you use? How did you choose this and are you happy with it?

When I first started, I used Medium but I didn’t like it. I was looking for something simple to use that didn’t require too much work to set up. I found WordPress and canceled the account at Medium.  I am happy with my choice. I love the WordPress community, they have been supportive since the beginning.

Do you use a social media scheduler?

No. I do it myself.

Have you ever attended any blog conferences or taken any blogging courses?

No, I have never attended any blog conference or courses. I would be interested in attending one in the future to improve my skills.

Do you have a newsletter?

No, I don’t have one. I have no plans to set it up in the near future. My blog is a personal blog, I don’t make any money with it at the moment so I haven’t spent a lot of time setting up these tools

What is your most active post? What do you think the draw is to that particular piece?

‘Motherhood, the birth of a new woman’ is very active, and I have views on it almost every day. I think the post touches moms’ hearts as they can relate to it.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am looking for guest writers that could contribute to my ‘Real Stories Real People’ category. It can be an inspiring story or something that would help to educate the readers on a certain topic. I like to focus on positive messages. Interested people can email me. For those that don’t like or have the time to write but have a good story to tell, we can do it interview style.

Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.

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