I attended six different elementary schools

If you take a gander at my little bio, you will notice I mention growing up a Coast Guard brat.USCG I plan on adding a few stories about my childhood and the different places we were stationed, but today I am gonna give you the quick rundown.

I was born in Dalton, Georgia way back in nineteen-mumble-mumble. Dalton claims to be the carpet capitol of the world, and is home to the great Shaw Industries.  I still have a little bit of family roaming around in or near there.

When I was two, we moved to Morehead City, North Carolina, and my baby brother was born.  I remember standing on our balcony feeding seagulls stale Fruit Loops out of a Quaker oatmeal box. Ah, that was the good life!

Right before Kindergarten, we moved to Kodiak island in Alaska. No I did not live in an igloo, no I did not take a dog sled to school, and yes we had like electricity and running water (all actual things I have had to explain growing up).

(View of Kodiak from "Dead Man's Curve" courtesy of my cousin Kristi)
(View of Kodiak from “Dead Man’s Curve” courtesy of my cousin Kristi)

Next was a quick 6 weeks of summer in Baltimore.

For second and third grade, I attended Westlawn Elementary in Mobile, Alabama. It is very very hot there. Seriously, it is frackin HOT in Mobile.

I finished off elementary school on the shores of Allatoona Lake, just outside of Atlanta in Acworth, Georgia, where we once had to give Homer the Brave a ride in the back of my dad’s pickup truck.

Then it was back to Kodiak for our second tour in Alaska. The three years I spent attending middle school on Kodiak is my favorite part of my childhood 🙂

Onward to Wisconsin.

Not a lot of time for sunbathing in WI
Not a lot of time for sunbathing in WI

I completed all four years of high school in the bustling metropolis of Marinette, right on lake Michigan and an hour north of Green Bay. Marinette is literally on the border with the UP, and it is cold-as cold as Mobile is hot. Colder than the planet Hoth.

Well folks, that pretty much rounds out my childhood; if you want to add post-high school then it’s Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia (again) and North Carolina (again), but we can get into all that later…


2 thoughts on “I attended six different elementary schools

  1. I remember you and your brother coming over to my house a lot!!!!!!!! We all had a great time………… and your mom…………..while our kids played!!!!!! Lots of great memories………….This was in that HOT Mobile Alabama……….!!!!!!!!!!! You have grown into a beautiful young lady…………..and look just like your mama!!!!!!!!

    1. I barely remember much about Mobile, but I do remember hanging out with Michael and playing in your yard 🙂

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