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We got married…and it only cost us $3000: The Venue

I recently tied the knot (June 20th actually), and it was beautiful and magical and tons of handsfun.  I mean that without the slightest bit of sarcasm; it was wonderful, and it didn’t cost the gross national product of a small country.   We had an intimate ceremony with our immediate family in attendance and a week’s worth of honeymooning in the mountains, all for around $3000.

The Venue: When I first started looking for a venue, I was mostly focusing on bed and breakfasts in Asheville, Charleston and Savannah that offered elopement packages.  I found some lovely places with just a simple google search. Most of them allowed a handful guests (generally less than 10) and provided a few goodies like a small cake, a couple glasses of champagne and a small bridal bouquet, and a couple of the packages went a little further, adding things like the officiant, photographer or appetizers (obviously you pay for those extras).  The packages were pretty reasonable at some of the Inns (Foley Inn in Savannah was on the top of my list); but with eleven guests in tow, I thought we might need something a bit bigger. So then I started researching more traditional wedding spaces, focusing the search to the Asheville area, and I watched our wedding costs skyrocket. I found some amazing venues, but we didn’t really want to go into major debt for what is essentially a party, a party for only thirteen people.

Then one afternoon as I was folding laundry, I thought “Why don’t we just rent some cabins and get married in the woods or on the side of a mountain?”

Back to google I went, and I started searching cabin rentals in Asheville.  After looking at quite a few individual cabin rental pages, I stumbled upon vrbo, vacation rentals by owner.  On this site, I was able to search for cabins with the exact specifications I needed: 6+ bedrooms, stunning view, nice deck, wifi and an affordable weekly rental rate (when you have a teenager wifi isn’t an option).  I actually found several cabins that fit the bill, and we had a very hard time choosing between the options.

We ended up opting for a 6 bedroom in Saluda, NC.  It was perfect!  The view was spectacular,

The view from the main deck
The view from the main deck

the rental fee was more than reasonable, the bedrooms were extremely comfortable, the living areas were cozy and the game room was a hit with my little one. We had the ceremony on the main deck looking out on the mountain ridge with the Green River sparkling in the distance. It was truly perfect.

I realize that all sounds like an add for vrbo, and I swear they are not paying me (not that I would mind if they wanted to pay me).  It really was perfect for us. We had an entire week in a huge cabin and a gorgeous wedding ceremony for less than $2000.




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