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Check back every week for fresh ideas to keep dinnertime interesting
Check back every week for fresh ideas to keep dinnertime interesting

Every weekend, I make a menu for the upcoming week, and we go grocery shopping (usually at Aldi or Trader Joe’s).  The boy is a bit of a picky eater with a very short list of “I will eat” foods, and although I am trying to broaden his horizons…it is VERY slow going. So the recipes I choose for any given day depend on which nights he is in residence (he is at his dad’s part time).

Monday, Thursday, and Sunday are new recipe nights. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are “tried and true” nights, and Friday is generally pizza night.  A lot of my new recipe finds come from Pinterest–the delicious ones move over to the “tried and true” nights.

You can find this week’s plan below. I have added the link to the Pinterest recipes and the source for the cookbook meals.  Please feel free to comment suggestions, improvements, links to your favorite meals or even just a simple “yum”  🙂



MONDAY: Bean and Bacon Soup

 TUESDAY: Chicken Broccoli Ziti

WEDNESDAY: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

THURSDAY: Teriyaki Chicken Casserole

FRIDAY: Pretzel Pizza

SATURDAY: Chicken Parm

SUNDAY:  Mediterranean Beef Pitas

I occasionally use recipes from one of our cookbooks, and I have included the link to each one of the books below. **These are affiliate links.  This blog will make a small commission from a purchase you make using these amazon links, there is no additional charge to you.  Thank you for your support**

The 400 Calorie Fix

The Veggie-Lovers Sriracha Cookbook

Vegan with a Vengeance

Eat-Clean Diet Recharged

Make Ahead Meals

6 thoughts on “Weekly Menu

  1. I loved reading your weekly meal plan! I do the same, sit down and plan out dinners a week at a time and hit the grocery store only once! Aldi’s is my favorite too! I don’t know what I’d do without my meal plans! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Before we started doing them, we ate a lot of junky dinners, and we were going to the grocery store multiple times per week. It really is a big help to plan it all out before going!

    1. It will save a ton of money! Before we started planning, we used to spend nearly triple what we spend now. It really doesn’t take that much extra effort to plan it out either. Bonus: It helps us keep it fresh, trying new recipes. We used to eat the same few things over and over because we couldn’t think of anything else to eat.

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