52 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse

Love is in the air people.

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For some reason, February is the month that you are supposed to express all your lovey-dovey feelings and shower your spouse with roses and candy. ūüėČ I am one of those people that kinda feels like it was made up to sell more cards and chocolate, and I am not even sure how a Roman God hooked up with a Catholic saint to make a silly holiday anyway. ¬†Is there a bah humbug equivalent for V-day?

I think that it would be better to show my love every day instead of waiting for February 14th to roll around, and in an effort to continue improving my marriage, I made a list (of course I did) of little things I can do to show that I care ALL YEAR LONG. Yep. Take that weird diaper wearing baby man!


I actually made this list last year, and I made it through the first couple of weeks before…well, I forgot about it, hey, life gets busy sometimes, but this year, I am going to work really hard at not forgetting¬†because I should be showing my love all the time. We all should, don’t you think? If this year needs anything, it is most definitely¬†more love. ¬†Alrighty, let’s get to the list!

A list of an entire year's worth of love and affection. Who says you have to wait until Valentine's Day to say I love you?1?

  1. ¬†Send an “I love you” text every hour of one day
  2.  Print old photos from your dating years and hang them on the fridge
  3.  Mail a love letter
  4. ¬†Take a class together, you can find all kinds of classes at stores like Michael’s, Lowe’s and Whole Foods.
  5.  Leave a little love note in his coat pocket
  6.  Fill her car with heart shaped balloons
  7.  Frame a cute photo of the two of you for his desk
  8. ¬†Chalk “I love you” on the sidewalk in front of your house
  9.  Encourage her hobby, plan some time for her to do it
  10.  Do a couple of his chores for him when he has had a particularly long day
  11.  Take it old school, and make her a mixed tape of her favorite songs
  12. ¬†Leave “I love you” notes in his book or magazine for him to find later
  13.  Plan a weekend getaway or a staycation
  14.  Make her favorite dessert
  15.  Dress up for him
  16.  Make her breakfast in bed
  17.  Play a game together
  18.  Have lunch delivered to his work
  19.  Make a candygram
  20.  Plan a nostalgia date by visiting places that are significant in your relationship
  21.  Fill the bed with balloons
  22.  Buy her a favorite treat
  23. Make a photo-book or comic book of your life together
  24.  Plan a romantic picnic
  25.  Leave him a small, thoughtful gift on his pillow
  26.  Take her car to the car wash
  27.  Hide a note in his wallet
  28.  Plan an unexpected date, something out of your element, check Groupon for ideas
  29. ¬†Go for a drive together, bonus points if you find somewhere to “park”
  30.  Make a fancy dinner with candlelight and music
  31.  Flirt, like when you were first dating
  32.  Spend an afternoon unplugged
  33. ¬†Write “I love you” in the fogged over mirror so it reappears when she takes her shower
  34. ¬†Send a text that says “I am proud of you because…”
  35.  Leave a love note under her pillow
  36.  Watch a movie together, bonus points if you let him pick it
  37.  Tell her why she is special
  38.  Build a blanket fort in the living room and spend an afternoon cuddling
  39.  Take a cheesy kissy picture and make it your profile pic or your wallpaper
  40.  Send a compliment every hour for one day
  41.  Have a water gun or Nerf gun battle
  42. ¬†Do some extreme “landscaping”
  43.  Plan a backyard camp out, bonus points if you can make something like this
  44.  Go out to dinner, your treat
  45.  Leave a card on his pillow
  46.  Make a silly video about how much you love her
  47.  Make him lunch with a little love note inside
  48.  Play a silly drinking game until you both get tipsy
  49.  Go stargazing
  50.  Write a thank you note mentioning all the little things you are grateful for but often forget to tell her about
  51.  Drop homemade cookies off at his work
  52.  Give her a back massage

There you go, one simple activity to do per week for an entire year! Now, isn’t that better than celebrating your love on just one day in February?

How do you show your spouse you care? Do you have a good idea I can add to my list?


  • Reply Mrs Fancy-Pants February 12, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    I brought my husband a surprise Starbucks cappuccino into his work – that’s about as romantic as I get! ūüėČ

    • Reply darabre@gmail.com February 13, 2017 at 7:31 pm

      If someone brought me Starbucks, I would think they were hella romantic ūüôā

  • Reply Bekah Rigby February 20, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    I absolutely love this idea! Since I spent the last two years battling a shit ton of depression and anxiety, my husband and I have sort of fallen off the romance wagon (except for that time I got the Brazillian wax), and I think it’s time to kick our love life back into gear. I mean, I did turn 30 not all that long ago, and this is the decade I’m supposed to hit my sexual peak, right? So I might as well take advantage of it.
    Mwah! Love you, Dara! You’re the bee’s knees!

    • Reply darabre@gmail.com May 1, 2017 at 9:32 pm

      I don’t know why your comments keep going to spam! Grrr!!!

      So how bad did the Brazillian hurt? I’ve always wanted to get one, but I am a super big chicken.

      Also, you never pop up in my inbox anymore…are you still blogging? I need more of you in my life <3

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