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Thank you for stopping by my corner of the inter-webs.

My name is Dara…like Sara but with a d, and I am the creator of this little space. When I originally started this blog, I was going for the whole mommy blogger vibe with recipes and shiz. However, I found that the posts I liked writing most revolved around travel and travel planning.

So…I’ve decided to change up my focus. If you previously came here for my quick and easy recipes or other mommy tips, you will still find them under the Older Posts tab. (I am so not throwing away a few years’ worth of work!)

If you are new to this space, get ready for a whole lot more travel. I’ve made a goal to take a trip EVERY SINGLE MONTH in 2020—even if one or two of those trips are just a visit to out of state family.

But we aren’t rolling in the dough out here in Charlotte, so to make those trips a reality, it is gonna take a whole lot of planning and budgeting. You won’t find crazy expensive, lavish resort info on these pages. What you will find is clever planning that makes amazing destinations possible for the average family.

First up, we are starting off the new year with a week-long trip to Morocco. Keep checking back for all the details!

Interested in traveling the world with me?

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