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Thank for stopping by my corner of the inter-webs.

My name is Dara, and I am the creator of this little space. I help moms (and dads!) in the Charlotte area, or wherever you happen to be reading this from, do the life-stuffs that have to be done (like cooking for your kids even when you hate cooking) by sharing my #lifehacks. Okay…so they aren’t really “life hacks,” they are more like how can I make this easier because I am really lazy kind of hacks. Whatever.

Anyway, us moms (and dads!) gotta stick together and help each other out. This whole parenting gig can be tough, right? There is so much pressure to be this super Pinterest-perfect granola mom, but I am more of a binge watch X-Files and listen to 2Pac in the carline kind of mom, anyone else??? It can’t be just me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest as much as the next girl, and I also like to make crafty shit on occasion.ย  However, I mostly just want to hang out and do cool stuff in Charlotte, eat at delicious restaurants, and travel to exciting places with my family. Just the regular stuff everyone wants, right? BUT since that isn’t real life, and because I’m not a Kardashian, I have to figure out how to cook chicken pot pie without it taking all evening, and how to make over my son’s room without spending a fortune, and how to keep my kids entertained on the long summer evenings. Real life stuff, and when I figure out some of this time-saving #lifehack kind of stuff, I share it with you, because I’m a nice person. Totally proving that my mother was wrong when she complained that listening to gangster rap and playing mortal combat was going to make me a violent street tough.

Anyway, I hope you stick around for a while and find one or two things that you think are useful. I will do myย best to keep trying to come up with new ways to #lifehack this mom (or dad!) life.


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