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Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.

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I found Ashley at a SITS Girls link-up, and I followed her blog right away because I loved her tone and humor. I later participated in one of her blogger swaps, and it was so much fun! I totally recommend you guys check out the next one.

What is your niche?

I don’t think of myself as a niche blogger, but I focus on fashion and lifestyle. I like to blog about topics that interest me, so in any given week, I might review a book, share an outfit, and post some of my favorite links from around the web.

Do you take your own photos and/or use stock photos in your posts? What tools do you use to edit?

My outfit photos are taken by my mom, who studied photojournalism. Most product pics I take myself, but I’ve, also, started using free stock photos from Pixabay. Canva and PicMonkey are my go-tos for photo editing.

What is your favorite social media for blog promotion?

This year I’ve focused on using Twitter for blog promotion, but while I’ve gained followers, I haven’t seen a lot of blog traffic from Twitter. StumbleUpon can be hit and miss for blog promotion, but it has boosted some of my posts.

Have you purchased any blogging classes/courses?

I haven’t taken any blogging courses. There is so much free information online that I haven’t felt the need to take a course. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite blogging articles here.

Do you use pop-ups?

I think pop-ups are annoying, so I try not to use them.

Are you a full-time blogger or do you have a “day job”?

I feel like I blog full-time because I’m always on my computer, but I don’t make a living from my blog. I’ve been blogging consistently since 2009, and my blog is definitely a passion project. I’m a professional actor, but I don’t think of that as my day job because it doesn’t feel like a job. In many ways, acting and blogging go hand in hand because they are different ways of storytelling. If you ever feel stuck in your head, take an improv class. It’s an awesome way to learn how to think on your feet!

Besides blogging (and acting), do you have any other endeavors or side hustles we should look for?

I’m obsessed with jewelry. My goal in life is to have a jewelry collection that rivals Elizabeth Taylor’s… Until that happens, I’m content being a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser. There are so many fabulous pieces to choose from! You can check out my boutique here and see what I mean.


Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.

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Ashley, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us today! I definitely learned something (headed to check out Pixabay), and I am sure many people will want to see your jewelry boutique…Valentine’s Day is on the horizon after all.  😀


Check back next week for another #bloggerstarshine interview!



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