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Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.

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I connected with Caryn in a blogger facebook group, and I am really excited that she is sharing with us today.  As an established blogger and entrepreneur, Caryn is a great resource for information and advice. 🙂


What is your niche?

DivaGirl Fashion Toronto is a fashion lifestyle community for entrepreneurs and fashionistas within DivaGirl Inc.  DivaGirl is one of the largest women’s only lifestyle communities in Toronto & Philadelphia. We are a community for women by women, to empower, enrich, and educate women for success to achieve their dreams in life.

How do you keep organized?

I use the calendar (iCal) via my phone to keep me organized on appointments, and events. I also use it to set up reminders for myself to keep the DivaGirls up to date on exclusive events and offerings in Toronto. In addition, my advice to entrepreneurs is to use their email application as a to-do list. Set up folders to keep you organized, and make sure to prioritize your emails by today, tomorrow, during the week, and delete or unsubscribe to anything that is not important.

Do you have a set routine for posting on your blog and social media?

My set routine came over time by doing my own research and discovering the specific time during the day that followers would respond to my posts. That way you still achieve popularity and followers regardless of any algorithm that is set in place. I use Hootsuite to set up all of my social media posts. I set the posts up each Sunday for the following week so that it won’t interfere with my day to day schedule.

In what ways have you monetized your blog?

The DivaGirl Blog has been monetized as we give access to our community to submit postings, as well we feature a DivaGirl and their company every month. Our members pay a membership for us to provide this service to them.

What made you want to become a blogger?

 I initially became a blogger known as Fashionable Foodie Toronto, to share my views on fashion & food across Toronto, as a way to share my passion of my two loves. Out of this blog evolved co-founding DivaGirl Fashion Toronto, as I wanted to create a platform for Toronto female fashion entrepreneurs to emerge into Toronto’s fashion scene without the heavy costs associated with showing their collections to bloggers, photographers, buyers, and the public.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

My main advice for new bloggers is to follow their passion. Don’t try to emulate someone else. Be yourself, be original and the following will come.

Any new DivaGirl projects on the horizon?

 I have many projects in the works for 2017. The next DivaGirl project I’m working on is our Fashion Friday Runway Series. Every season we will showcase talented fashion entrepreneurs’ collections and offer a marketplace at the same time for fashionistas, buyers, media and the public to purchase. It’s an intimate event for 80 of Toronto’s exclusive fashion scene, happening on Friday, March 24th. For tickets visit divagirlfashionfridayspringrunway.eventbrite.com 


Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.


Caryn, thank you so much for participating in my interview series! I love your positivity and hearing about how you are promoting other women in your industry. 🙂


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