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Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.

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I became familiar with Sareeta’s blog through a Facebook group.  Her posts are very informative and dive into some serious issues. I am glad she took the time out to be interviewed here today.

What is your niche?

Lifestyle – Feminism. I write about gender equality, queer issues, sex and consent, and racial issues as well.

What platform/hosting do you uses and are you happy with it?

WordPress. I used to use WordPress.com but found it too limiting. For hosting, I’m with Siteground and I’m very happy with them — great customer service and my site is never down!

How do you manage your social media accounts? Do you use a scheduler?

I use Buffer for scheduling tweets, BoardBooster for Pinterest, and Facebook’s own scheduler for my Facebook page. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of my Facebook schedule too.

Have you ever attended any blog conferences or purchased online courses? Did you find them helpful?

I haven’t attended a blog conference but I really want to! I’m currently enrolled in Elite Blog Academy which I have found to be AMAZINGLY helpful. I’m also in Caitlin Cheevers’ InDesign Adventure Guide class. I want to take Sagan Morrow’s Set Yourself Up For Freelancing Success course to improve my VA services, as well as David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy to improve my blog. I want to take courses focused on Instagram as well… too many courses to take, so little time!

Do you have a newsletter? If yes, What program do you use for sending?

I do have a newsletter! I use MailChimp because I have less than 2000 subscribers and it’s free until then. I’d like to try ConvertKit in the future but have heard its analytics aren’t great, so I might go with InfusionSoft if I can later on.

What is your most active post? What do you think drives the traffic to that particular piece?

My most popular post in the last three months is A Guy’s Guide To Feminism: 6 Privileges Men Don’t Realize They Have. It’s an accessible, relatable piece and while it might be controversial, it’s also educational. It brings to light things that people don’t often think about. I have an audience primarily of women as well, and I think they find this useful to share with their male friends and family.

Besides blogging, What else are you working on?

I offer virtual services to other bloggers like social media management and graphic design — and I have a few openings for new clients! I provide the first 10 hours for a discounted rate of $20/hr so that you can decide if you’re happy with my services before moving on. If you’re interested, email me at sareeta@flightandscarlet.com or visit my Services page for more info at http://www.flightandscarlet.com/virtual-services.


Blogger Starshine is a collection of blogger interviews full of blogging tips, inspiration and advice.

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Sareeta, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me.  I learned about a few new courses that I want to research a bit more, and I am sure there are plenty of people that will be interested in your VA services!


Check back next week for another Blogger Starshine interview

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