Trick-or-Treating Safely and In Style!

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You may remember from last year that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and that I love everything about it, especially the costumes and trick-or-treating! There is just something about all that spooky fun that makes me crazy happy!

I know that a big worry for a lot of parents is keeping the kiddos safe on Halloween without ruining the trick-or-treating fun. There are plenty of things to worry about from getting hit by a car to receiving treats from strangers with less than honest intentions, and as a parent, we want to keep everyone safe AND make sure they are creating the happiest of memories. Leaves us in a tough spot, huh?

Well, quit worrying! I have a great solution that is a win for everyone!


Let Party Bus Charlotte help you go trick-or-treating in style! Keep your little ones safe and entertained this Halloween!


*This post was sponsored by Party Bus Charlotte. However, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.*

The two biggest worries on Halloween (besides the excessive sugar consumption) are kids in costumes, often made of black or a dark colored material, not being visible to cars and getting hit while roaming the streets in search of treats, and kids recieving treats from untrustworthy strangers. To prevent either of these tragedies, parents are often looking for alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating like fall festivals or trunk-or-treating events, and some parents that do to take their kids door-to-door only go to doors that are known and trusted which can get tiresome and boring in a big city like Charlotte where your friends and family members could be very spread out.

The Solution: Party Bus Charlotte!

My friends, click here for your solution.  Grab a few (or more than a few) like-minded parents and rent a vehicle from Party Bus Charlotte! Their fleet of vehicles can accommodate up to 35 trick-or-treaters, comes with a professional driver, comfy leather seats, and a high-quality sound system so you can Monster Mash all night!  The larger vehicles also have flat screen TVs and DVD/Bluray players for even more spooky fun. The party buses can travel the greater Charlotte area extending from King’s Mountain to Statesville and can even include the South Carolina counties of Lancaster and York!

Let Party Bus Charlotte help you go trick-or-treating in style! Keep your little ones safe and entertained this Halloween!


The party bus rental solves both of your major trick-or-treating problems! Keep your kids safe from careless drivers by having them professionally chauffered around in style, AND make that ride from trusted door to trusted door a super fun and exciting trip that can be shared with 15-30 of their closest pals. The kids can have a blast, and the parents can sit back and relax sipping a fancy Halloween cocktail because each bus comes with a nice bar area stocked with cups and ice (you supply the desired beverages).


Let Party Bus Charlotte help you go trick-or-treating in style! Keep your little ones safe and entertained this Halloween!


Are you ready to be the coolest parent in the neighborhood? Good! First, collaborate with your parenting buddies and finalize your guest list and travel route. Then, use the Party Bus Charlotte contact page or give them a call at (704) 810-1444 to get your quote. You may want to add a little extra time on the end for a parents only ride 😉


What do you think parents? Is this how you safely trick-or-treat in style?




  • Reply Jill Robbins September 19, 2017 at 9:17 am

    I’ve never heard of this or seen this! What an interesting idea. I wonder if it will catch on here in Texas.

    • Reply September 20, 2017 at 10:12 am

      No party buses in Texas? What?!?

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